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Draper Plasma Cutter, 25A


This plasma cutter features IGBT inverter technology making it suitable for cutting any electrically conductive material. It is a robust machine with an integrated gas regulator and built-in water trap. This machine is suitable for cutting through stainless steel, aluminium and other metals up to a thickness of 8mm. Fitted with thermal overload protection to ensure maximum durability. The machine is robust, lightweight and portable, fitted with a carry handle.

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Amperage range: 10-25A
Power supply: 230V
Plug Fitted: Yes (32A Plug Fitted)
Max. cutting thickness: 8mm
PSI: 60psi
Duty cycle: 25% @25A/ 60% @18A/ 100% @13A
Dimensions: 426 x 160 x 285mm
Weight (net): 8.9kg
IGBT Inverter Technology: Yes
Integrated Gas Regulator: Yes
Built-in Water Trap: Yes
Thermal overload protection: Yes

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