The British Touring Car Championship is one of the most renowned and successful motor racing series on the planet.

The BTCC was formed in 1958, and over the past six decades has pitted race-prepared versions of the most recognisable and popular road cars of the period against each other with a never ending stream of legendary racing names and iconic marques etched onto the championship trophy.

Now, with unprecedented levels of national television coverage from ITV that is guaranteed until at least 2022, the latest NGTC 2-litre formula continues to provide one of motor sport’s most addictive, action-packed atmospheres for an audience of millions.

The BTCC strives relentlessly to ensure its future is as significant and successful as its past, and a key aspect of this is recognising the importance of its loyal and ever-growing following. Creating the best possible trackside experience for families is vital, which is why admission to every BTCC event is free for children – in many cases up to the age of 16 – ensuring that the next generation are hooked from a young age.

Furthermore, the sport is unique in allowing the public to interact with their heroes thanks to an open paddock policy at the majority of events, as well as specially organised autograph sessions in the pit lane at every meeting, bringing the sponsors brand to life and giving the driver and team the opportunity to interact with their fans.

The bumper to bumper, thrill a minute racing is the main crowd pleaser. There are three championship races per day providing maximum value for money and entertainment for customers, sponsors and fans. The BTCC is truly geared towards providing maximum value for money entertainment for its fans.

With current regulations attracting the biggest, most competitive grids ever seen, the BTCC has indisputably shown its ability to adapt and evolve with the times, ensuring its place as the most appealing, relevant, popular and commercially successful motorsport organisation in the country.


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