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Marketing & Promotion

As well as focusing on delivering exceptional performance on track, EXCELR8 also has an in depth understanding of the business aspects of motorsport. Therefore, every effort is made to ensure the team provides the best possible marketing platform for its partners.

This starts with the way the team is promoted in the paddock, providing the best possible first impression for any external observer. The team’s transporter and pit garages are presented to the highest possible standard, allowing drivers to invite their guests for a ‘behind the scenes’ tour with the knowledge that they will be blown away by the professionalism that greets them.

In fact, the team regularly entertain large numbers of guests for garage tours and a rare glimpse at the inner workings of a race team, making use of large screens to show onboard footage and the all-important telemetry data.

The focus on high quality presentation is also carried over to the team members themselves, who are all provided with branded team wear that they wear throughout the weekend, increasing the reach of the EXCELR8 name at each event.

Thanks to a long-standing relationship with a local graphics business, EXCELR8’s cars are amongst the most eye-catching on the grid due to vibrant and exciting livery designs.

This means that the team’s marketing partners are able to stand out from the crowd, increasing the opportunity for brand exposure and retention with audiences both at the circuit, and watching the television coverage at home.

The work continues away from the track too via the team’s increasing online presence. With a high quality website and active social media accounts allowing direct engagement with fans, the team ensures that its partners receive constant exposure between events in order to maximise the effectiveness of their marketing programmes. During 2022, the team reached in excess of 2 million people across its social media platforms.

EXCELR8 are also regularly seen in attendance at a number of exhibitions and events, with experience in offering both static and dynamic displays at events such as the Autosport International Show and Goodwood Festival of Speed.

It’s guaranteed that, whatever your aspirations, a partnership with EXCELR8 in any of its programmes will meet your promotion targets in the most exciting and engaging way imaginable, endorsing and enhancing the credentials of any brand or product and in turn guaranteeing the maximum possible return on investment.

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