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Driver Development Programme

From the moment the team was first launched, EXCELR8 Motorsport has established a strong reputation for helping young talent, with countless drivers having been given the chance to launch their racing careers with the team’s hugely successful MINI CHALLENGE programme.

The decision to enter the high-profile British Touring Car Championship back in 2019 added another strong to EXCELR8’s bow and means the team can now offer drivers the chance to follow a ladder from club level racing right through to the biggest series in British motorsport.

In a bid to further support some of the brightest talents on the racing scene, EXCELR8 has created a dedicated Driver Development Programme geared towards helping aspiring stars of the future to fulfil their potential.

Dan Zelos, winner of the 2021 MINI CHALLENGE JCW title, and young Scottish racer Ronan Pearson are the first two drivers to been signed up as EXCELR8 BTCC Development Drivers which means they will get the chance to work closely with the race-winning touring car team to gain vital hands on experience that will benefit them as they progress in their respective careers.

Not only will the two drivers benefit from the opportunity to see the inner workings of the BTCC team, they will also gain a greater understanding of the commercial side of racing; something that is often overlooked, but which is arguably as important as on track talent when it comes to making a career out of motorsport.

The opportunity to sample EXCELR8’s Hyundai i30 Fastback N will also provide the BTCC Development Drivers with the chance to further