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Draper 12V DC ATV Spot Sprayer, 37L


Expert Quality, mounts to any all terrain vehicle (ATV). Spray pump powered by 12V battery or connected via electric 12V motor on ATV. The pressure activated diaphragm pump produces a smooth flow from the tank. Trigger operated lance with heavy droplet pattern for Minimal spray drift in windy conditions. The tank is manufactured from special chemical resistant polymers for extra long life. Can be used for spraying fertilizer, weed killer, de – icer and ethylene glycol products. Supplied with switch for remote operation. Display carton.

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Maximum flow rate: 3.8L/min
Maximum pressure: 40psi (2.76bar)
Spray pattern: Stream/Cone
Spray reach (maximum): 4.3M
Hose length: 4.5M
Tank dimensions: 711 x 305 x 279mm
Weight: 4.1kg (empty)

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