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Scorpion Exhausts



Scorpion Exhausts are very proud of their motorsport background and looking at their range of high quality, performance oriented car and bike exhausts it’s easy to see why.

Every exhaust system or component offered is the result of an extensive research & development programme which has its roots in Scorpion Exhausts’ involvement with motorsport. Without winning races they would not be able to offer you these exhausts.

From the high quality, hard wearing aerospace grade materials used throughout to the extensively engineered design of the exhaust system itself every Scorpion Exhaust is a quality package developed and built here in the UK.

Scorpion engineer their exhausts for power first and foremost. Every bend and every pipe has been designed by Scorpion for maximum flow-rate and minimum back pressure. This is for the simple reason that your engine needs to breathe and the better your exhaust performs the more air you get through your engine.

Scorpion Exhausts manage to do this without making their exhausts loud or droning offering a range of options enabling you to select the noise level you want. Even their quietest exhausts still have that “touring car” sound the motoring enthusiast appreciates. Offering all this with a lifetime guarantee at these prices is a real achievement.

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