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EXCELR8 is delighted to announce their continued relationship with Credo Motorsport Finance in both BTCC and the MINI CHALLENGE.

Credo’s ability to access funding from a wide-ranging panel of the country’s biggest, most competitive finance houses and banks makes us an ideal partner for those competing in the motorsport world. With a dynamic business approach, we have access to flexible terms and competitive rates to allow you to fund everything from buying your car or bike, a trailer or a transporter or a motorhome to make those race weekends more comfortable.

Credo can not only help you spread the cost of your race car, but we can also help you finance the cost of any capital expense that you or your team might need help with. From Team Transport to Pit Equipment, our versatile criteria means that we can help you to finance everything you need to start or expand your racing entourage.

We specialise in Competition Car Finance, Race Transporter Finance, Engineering Equipment Finance, Everyday Vehicle Finance, Hospitality Trailer Finance with the added benefit of offering finance outside of racing for your personal or business requirements.

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