At Excelr8 we provide a range of services for race drivers and people interested in speed.

Services include ‘Arrive and Drive’ which is the easiest way to get into racing.  You just turn arrive and drive as the name suggests.  The packages usually include everything required to race, Entry Fee, Car Hire, Tyres, Fuel, some parts and support.

Racing drivers who own their own race car can still benefit from extensive support from Excelr8 this in turn maximises the chances of sporting success by accessing proven technical and operational knowledge and experience.

Driver and team sponsors can benefit from high profile motorsport promotion via various media including TV coverage. live events, press and web. Packages can be tailored to meet a wide variety of business requirements.

We also supply fast road and trackday upgrades including Engine Tuning, Exhausts, Intercoolers, Hose Kits, Suspension, Brakes, Poly Bushes, Wheel and Tyres.

Arrive and Drive

Arrive & Drive is the easiest and often the most cost effective way to get involved in car racing, as it removes the need to buy or build a competitive race car. We provide reasonably priced Arrive & Drive packages in various race series, including MINI CHALLENGE.

Owner Driver Support

We provide support to owner drivers so they can just concentrate on driving. Our fully trained race engineers and experienced drivers are on hand to give you the best chance of success and the opportunity to have a great time.

Testing and Track days

Would you like to have a go in a race car? Whether you are looking to race or have a bit of fun, we can help. We have instructors that can help you to progress throughout the day and get you as close to race pace as possible.  If would like an insight to data, we can provide this information and help you understand it.

Promotional Services

Our promotional services are designed to assist businesses in marketing their services to a wide audience and increase brand awareness. The main aim is to maximise the number of target customers who see your business name, logo or brand and to integrate this publicity with customer relationship development activity.

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