Revolution A-One

Designed primarily with the racers desires in mind, high control and a smooth drive can be ensured thanks to the industry experts that have crafted the A-One from composites to machining, presenting a personal service. Aerodynamic developments have been made after extensive groundwork with TotalSim, delivering more downforce than any other rival in its price bracket while maintaining a stable centre of aero pressure, aiding the drivers handling.

Matching LMP technologies, the A-One combines cutting edge technologies with affordability. Utilising a traditional carbon tub and two-seater design, the car is the brain-child of Radical Sportscar co-founder Phil Abbott, who was instrumental in selling over 2000 cars to track drivers internationally.


The Ford V6 3.7 has proven reliability, high-end performance and unmatched low running costs, with 10,000km between rebuilds. Its bespoke dry-sump system ensures excellent engine reliability, while also lowering the centre of gravity. It produces 380bhp, and is enhanced by the unique exhaust system and fine engine tuning. The wide spread of power and torque allows great control with an incredible soundtrack.


3MO build gearboxes for World Rally Championship cars and many other manufacturer level race car applications. Their team designed a bespoke casing for the Revolution and it is fitted with their excellent internals


The carbon tub is made of an infusion process developed by Dominik Dierkes of DDComposites who are responsible for production. This carbon infusion process is highly efficient and creates a tub with the highest levels of quality and safety. Inside there is plenty of space for two, making it easy to operate both solo and with a passenger aboard. Formula One-style, steering wheel-mounted controls with an in-built display adds to the experience and is easy to operate on track.


The pushrod and rocker suspension system features the latest 3 ways dampers. Teams can also fine tune the set-up of the car with anti-roll bars front and rear.


Drivability has always been a top priority. The long period of CFD Aerodynamic design and development ensured that not only would the car produce more downforce than anything else in its price bracket, but it would remain balanced in all driving situations.

Control Centre

The Revolution steering wheel is a piece of art in carbon. It features cutting edge technology, multiple push and rotary buttons for easy control, a paddle shift system and multiple dash displays

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