UK Sports Prototype Cup

In partnership with the British Automobile Racing Club, Dunlop and Sunoco, the Sports Prototype Cup offers a new exciting championship featuring Revolution A-One Race Cars.

The UK Sports Prototype Cup is a new race series featuring multiple classes with any class of more than eight cars given its own event with the Cup.  At launch, the categories will be the Revolution UK Trophy and the Dunlop Radical SR3 Trophy.

Running alongside other premium racing events such as the Britcar-promoted Dunlop Endurance Championship, the Cup will be promoted by PitBox91 and the races organised by the British Automobile Racing Club.

UK Revolution Trophy

The UK Sports Prototype Cup have a 5 year contract with Revolution Race Cars. This advanced Sports Prototype is one of the cornerstones of the Cup.

The 440 bhp per tonne performance coupled with the quality, design and technology of the Revolution will quickly establish it as one of the leading premium prototype cars on the market.

Designed by the members of the team who created Radical, some observers have described it as the natural successor to the SR3.

Our partnership means that drivers and teams investing in the Revolution will have strong race events to compete in together until at least the end of 2023.

2020 Calendar


1st August


15th August


19th September


6th/7th November

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