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Draper Evolution Trolley Jack, 3 Tonne


A superior 3 – tonne trolley jack designed for professional use. The unique design and extra – wide base increases stability when in operation and the extremely large twin – piston ‘Quick Lift’ facility enables the jack to reach full height in 4.5 strokes. The ram and pump units are fitted with premium seals for enhanced performance and lifespan. Attached with a magnetic filtration system ensuring the pumps hydraulic oil is consistently kept free of contaminates, greatly improving the jacks lifespan. The 5 grease points ensure the lifting arm and axles are continuously lubricated, whilst the integrated rubber saddle pad helps prevent damage to the underside of vehicles. The twin safety overload valves deliver added safety when in use. All these features wrapped up in a 3 – year warranty for total peace of mind.

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Capacity: 3 Tonne (3,000kg)
Minimum Height: 100mm
Maximum Height: 580mm
Saddle Diameter: 116mm
Handle Length: 1,270mm
Chassis Length: 830mm
Net Weight: 46.3kg

Manufactured, tested and certified to the EN1494 standard

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